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Welcome to! My name is Marty Almquist, and I am an author based in Washington, DC, and Paris.

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The brochure for the college alumni trip arrives, and this year it’s a trip to Paris. Melanie Russell sees it as a perfect opportunity to get her group of girlfriends back together for a “girls only” vacation. She and Gary aren’t getting along and she needs some time away to figure out why. Julie is living in London and though she loves her life, she misses her old friends. Gigi would love to go, but she’s not sure she can persuade her Italian husband to let her go without him. Angie longs to visit Europe again but she’ll have to get over her own insecurities to go on her own. Emily’s schedule is clear, but she hasn’t spoken to any of them for years after their big falling out. Why did Melanie invite her? Each has her own private reasons to go. And all can see the benefits of sharing. It could be a great trip, or it could go very badly. Are they willing to take that risk?

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