I’ve added a new page for recipes!

The first recipe is for French Yogurt Cake. I was told, when I lived in France my junior year, that it’s a staple in French households and one of the first things everyone is taught to cook. I love it and it’s incredibly easy. I figured I’d create a recipes page so it’s separate from other blog entries and easy to find (you can see the link to it next to the Home link). In this version of the recipe, I’ve used lemon, which I love, but my French mother sometimes substituted coconut in hers and that’s delicious too. If you use something else and love the results, let me know!

Paris Markets

One of my favorite things about the Paris open air food markets is the attention that the sellers give to their produce. I wanted to buy an avocado for our dinner salad so I went to a stand that had a nice selection and asked the seller for one avocado (if you haven’t been to these markets, let me tell you that you do NOT just reach over and pick out the fruit. You need to ask the seller first, and if they indicate that you can touch the fruit, then you can choose one). In this case, she smiled at me and politely asked me when I was going to be eating it? Surprised, I responded that it was for dinner that night. She proceeded to pick through the avocados until she found one that she felt was the right choice for eating that evening. REALLY? Have you ever had anyone ask you when you were going to eat something to be sure it was just right?

Sure enough, when I cut it up that night, it was delicious. Now that’s what I call service!

Hello world!

I admit it- I’m a Paris fanatic. Got hooked my junior year in college when I spent ten months there. Have been back to visit lots of times. Now I’ve written a novel and guess what? It’s set in Paris! It’s about four sisters who want to get reconnected with each other. One sister has a place in Paris- what better place to go hang out for five days? From the outside, their lives look good. But we all know it’s never that simple and, to be honest, that’d be a pretty boring story. Everyone has something going on, and it doesn’t take long for things to start coming out. The story is about relationships, with each other and at home. And the story is about Paris, too. The fun things to do there, the great things to eat there, the ways it’s different from life in the States. Maybe a different time zone and a different lifestyle will take them far enough away to come up with some answers.

This blog is my way to share fun things that I love about Paris and it’s part of my journey to getting published. I would NEVER have thought to write a blog, but my wonderful friend and editor said it was a good way to get the “buzz” started so here I go. .

It’s also a way for me to go to Paris, at least in my mind, during those times that I can’t physically hop on a plane. I hope you get a kick out of reading it and that it makes you want to travel there yourself. I also hope you’ll want to read my book, whenever I can actually get it published!

I’ll share mine if you’ll share yours….