Quick Book Update

Looks like I’ve sold about 200 books and 16 so far on Kindle. Thanks to ALL of you who have been so supportive on this new adventure– I’m loving it and am working away on Book #2. This one is also set in Paris, the city I love, but this time it’s a 25-year college reunion and it’s five girlfriends reconnecting. With others there from their college days as well, there are opportunities for a variety of reunions, of reminders of past emotions and the establishment of new ones, and it’s great fun already! I’m trying to use the lessons I’ve learned from writing the first book and from my friend and editor, Nellie, so I’m doing some editing as I go, but I’m not fooling myself. It will need her able assistance and great critical eye as well at the appropriate time! Here is a wonderful hotel next to the Place St Michel that is my imagined spot for the reunion! More later!! Back to the grind….



Shop Windows

If you have wandered by the department stores in Paris, you have seen their amazing storefront displays. They are a BIG DEAL and are changed seasonally. And they are incredibly creative! From what I’ve seen, the holiday ones are the most elaborate. One Christmas we were there and Galleries Lafayette had Christmas bears dressed in a variety of outfits all singing ABBA songs. It was crazy and very fun!

The non-holiday ones are less elaborate, but just as creative. And very interesting because they go beyond displaying particular items that are for sale. They are “artful.” These were at Galleries Lafayette and are displaying perfumes — amazing, right?


In a recent trip to New York, I was struck by how uncreative the shop windows were there. Don’t get me wrong- they are beautiful and show the items for sale very cleverly, but they are all about the items and there is nothing “artful” about it.


Does this reflect something in the American mindset versus the French mindset? We do get the reputation of being “all about the money.” And if I were to coin a phrase for the French mentality on this sort of thing, I’d say, it’s “all about the creativity.” Personally, I’ll take the “creative” attitude all day long…..