Architecture- the clothing a city wears

It would be fun to have a time machine and be able to jump from one city to another, comparing their architecture, especially in the “neighborhood” areas. Could you tell where you were? Are you in New York? In Paris? In Venice? In Asti? Each city has a personality and you get a glimpse of that in the buildings where people live. I don’t know the age of some of these- anyone who does, feel free to chime in. I just like looking at them side by side….and imagining myself living in each one.


DSCN0312VezelayIMG_0767New Orleans IMG_2780Asti   IMG_2901Venice Gretchen and Marty at hotel window Thursday Sept 24Venice IMG_0055Tucson

IMG_0401Rome  IMG_3269Paris

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  1. Lolly Almquist Avatar
    Lolly Almquist

    I love these pictures, especially since I know almost every one. Well done, marty!

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