Paris Markets

One of my favorite things about the Paris open air food markets is the attention that the sellers give to their produce. I wanted to buy an avocado for our dinner salad so I went to a stand that had a nice selection and asked the seller for one avocado (if you haven’t been to these markets, let me tell you that you do NOT just reach over and pick out the fruit. You need to ask the seller first, and if they indicate that you can touch the fruit, then you can choose one). In this case, she smiled at me and politely asked me when I was going to be eating it? Surprised, I responded that it was for dinner that night. She proceeded to pick through the avocados until she found one that she felt was the right choice for eating that evening. REALLY? Have you ever had anyone ask you when you were going to eat something to be sure it was just right?

Sure enough, when I cut it up that night, it was delicious. Now that’s what I call service!

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  1. I have a question! I bought a sunny yellow “French provincial” tablecloth that I adore. Can you tell me more about this French “country kitchen” style? Is it particular to Provence? What do sophisticated Parisians think of it? Is it a universal thing in France or not really? Some of them are even decorated with vegetables!

    1. I think it is very much a Provence style, but you can find material like that in Paris. There are shops up by Montmartre where you can buy material by the yard to make your own tablecloths! Definitely cheaper than buying ready-made ones and you have a bigger selection of material!

  2. I’ve had the same experience in Paris with soft cheese, like Brie. Can’t even imagine it at Whole Foods or the farmer’s markets here…

    1. How am I every going to try all the different varieties of cheese???

  3. That’s an amazing story – Makes me want to go to France now! I love Avacados but don’t always time them just right 😉

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