Quick Update on the Manuscript

Drum roll….. the manuscript is officially on its way to a potential agent! I made final edits, added a prologue, and sent it off with all fingers and toes crossed. In an attempt to continue to build “buzz” for the book, I will continue to “tweet” regularly (my handle is martyalmquist) and will also continue to work on using social media for marketing without having it drive me crazy. This blog has now become an important part of my “escapism” to Paris so it serves my own selfish purpose, as well as hopefully introducing people to fun stuff in Paris. Please tell any friends who love Paris to subscribe! I’m hopeful a new chapter is opening for me…..

13 thoughts on “Quick Update on the Manuscript

  1. Congrats Marty! I’m enjoying your blog – reminds me of our travels long ago – and really look forward to buying your book.

  2. Hey! I finally made it to your blog! I am SO EXCITED for you and your book — please keep me posted. Today is Harryette’s granddaughter Leah’s birthday — the one we went to London from Paris to visit 3 years ago!!! I can’t believe it was that long ago that I was in Paris — so much fun.

  3. Comment sa vas? Etes vous le Marty Almquist qui a travaille a Meredith & Grew il y en a longtemps? Et qui a parle francaise a le telephone tres vitement?

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