117 Rue D’Alesia, Paris (14th arrondisement)

I LOVE old, fun, furniture.  I’m not an expert and can’t tell you what is valuable and what era it might be from, but I do know what I like.  When we were looking around to find stores that sold furniture, most of them were way too expensive. We started looking through the “used furniture” markets that spring up around Paris on a regular basis, and we’ve found small things there, but I also found this GREAT store called La Salle des Ventes du Particulier at 117 Rue D’Alesia in the 14th arrondisement. I’m not sure, but I think it’s a consignment store. I looked it up online and it was founded in 1973. Apparently there is another one on the Quai de Seine in the 19th arrondisement so I’ll have to make that a destination for another time.

What I do know for sure is that it’s full of of all kinds of crazy stuff and we have found several things that we liked enough to buy.



Everything is jumbled together and you could find a great armoire or a leather chair, or a crazy lamp……..

IMG_0955(those weren’t my taste)

Some pieces seem very expensive and others are very reasonable. This is where having some knowledge of antiques would help separate out the “great deals” from the “great copies.” I found two matching leather chairs that reminded me of one that my grandfather had. Mine now gives me a fun reminder of him each time I sit in it…..


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  1. Laura Almquist Avatar
    Laura Almquist

    I can’t wait to visit this shop. It sounds like a great “find” and one that gives people a good kick start when shopping in Paris. There is so much, where does one start?!


  2. La Salle des Ventes du Particulier also has an entertaining website at http://www.lasalledesventes.fr/. Be sure to check out the Buste Basset and the Buste BullDog, currently being advertised — and hopefully one of a kind!

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