A New Novel is Well on the Way!

First, I have to apologize that I have been silent for several months. I’ve been working very hard on Book #3 and I admit, I let myself get distracted from regular posts here, but I will make up for lost time with several about our most recent trip to Paris. BUT FIRST a quick update here on my book progress.

The Writer’s Digest Conference in New York was terrific. This was my second time attending (I went in 2017) and the various sessions and speakers are always informative and helpful. There are sessions on writing itself, as well as on author platform, on marketing yourself, and on the various publishing options.

I did the “Pitch Slam” this year which lets you meet agents (only 3 minutes per agent) and give them your “elevator pitch” (90 seconds) on your book idea. Ideally, your book is finished, or nearly finished, when you meet with them. I am excited to report that one agent asked for my entire manuscript!

Now comes the hard part– getting through the final edits and making sure it is as polished and professional as it can be before I send it to her. WISH ME LUCK!

Here was the pitch, by the way:

WORKING TITLE: By the Time You Read This

Jane has fled, Boston, leaving behind a successful career, a grown daughter, but also an abusive husband who has made life there impossible. Renting a friend’s apartment in Paris, she’s given herself three months to figure out what to do with the rest of her life.

To distract herself from her swirling thoughts, Jane signs up for a one-day cooking class that reawakens her love for cooking and introduces her to two new friends, Flora and Veronique.

Jane’s journey to find herself, and to get over the fear that has become her everyday reality, is made easier by the support and advice of these women, and also by another very special person who teaches her how to trust in love again.


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  1. Way to go, Marty! You are unstoppable!

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