A simple prune

I am struck by the everyday occurrences in Paris that can give such pleasure. I was at the Popincourt open air market which is on Richard Lenoir, and there is a vendor of dried fruits, olives, and herbs that I love.


This time, after giving me my favorite “soleil” mix (for cocktail hour– nuts and various sweet bits that is highly addictive with a glass of wine), he asked, as they always do, “Et avec ceci?” (“And with that?” The question is to see what else you would like to buy). My normal answer would be “C’est tout, merci.“- “That’s all, thanks”), but this time, I hesitated and he then pointed to a container of prunes.  He said they were delicious and some of the best you can get in France. Seemed like a big claim.

Don’t get me wrong. I like prunes. I just don’t eat them very often. I’ve always liked them, but it’s not something I think of buying at home. But I thought to myself, “Why not? They look plumper and juicier than any prunes I’ve had at home.” So I said okay to 200 grams (about a dozen).

WOW. These prunes have NOTHING in common with those at home. True to the way they looked, they were juicy and really delicious. It was like having a really good plum, but in the middle of winter!

Now he had me intrigued, and he knew it. I’ve decided I will now ask each time for a new recommendation. I can’t wait till Friday!

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