A Writing Update

I haven’t given any updates here recently on my writing so here goes! I finished the first draft of my second novel (working title is “Reunion”) and sent it off to Nellie, my wonderful editor. She, of course, sent it back with LOTS of changes so I have spent the last month making revisions and am now going to send her Draft #2 to see if she likes the changes. It’s a story about a 25-year college reunion trip set in Paris and Burgundy and centers around five women friends and four men friends who are all on the trip, getting to know each other again, as well as sharing stories of their lives. I hope to have a published version before the end of the year. That will, in part, depend upon whether Nellie and I decide that I should self-publish again, or find an agent this time. Time will tell, but I will write updates more often on that.

This one flowed much more quickly for me (I started it last July), and I think it’s a good story. We’ll see if Nellie agrees!

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