This is the notebook I had when I lived in Paris my junior year. I kept track of my budget in it (movie- Sonate D’Automne 10 francs, crepe, 2,50 francs, lunch, 24 francs) and I wrote recipes in it. The tradition in my family’s house was that the formal meal on Sunday was at about 2:00 and that evening we would make crepes for our dinner. They were a light, simple meal. Everyone had to cook their own and we took turns using the pan. The choices for your “dinner” crepe were egg, cheese and ham, for dessert, lemon and sugar, or butter and sugar. It was fun because it was much more casual than normal meals- someone was always jumping up to cook their crepe and conversation was lively. I have great memories of those evenings- the warm, lit kitchen, the scuffed table that we all sat around, the smell of the crepes, the cheese as it cooked, the sugar as it melted.

The recipe is on the recipe page. You CAN do it yourself, it’s not tough, and it does NOT require a special pan. ENJOY!

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