Crepes- On the Streets of Paris

Different cities seem to have different “street foods” and one of the best street foods in Paris is crepes. There are tons of creperie restaurants, but what I really love is the crepe stands. The French don’t seem to snack much (which may be one reason they stay slim!) but one thing you will see is people eating crepes while walking around Paris. The Left Bank has more crepe stands than the Right Bank– not sure why that is, but I know they are easy to spot along Boulevard St Michel near Place St Michel (which is right at the river). It could be a window at the entrance to a small restaurant/cafe/bakery, or it could be its own little stand.

The most common choice of crepe is a “beurre/sucre” or butter/sugar crepe, but you have a wide variety to choose from- maybe Nutella? or a savory one with ham and cheese? Be sure to choose a crepe stand that doesn’t have a stack of pre-made crepes– some stands cook the basic crepe ahead and just add the filling.  It only takes two minutes for them to make one for you fresh, and it’s absolutely better. I love to watch them spread the batter, then flip it, then slather butter on it, followed by a nice sprinkling of sugar. On a cold, windy afternoon at 4:00, what better way to give yourself a quick energy/sugar boost to get you through the rest of your busy sightseeing day?


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