Links for the Music Post is the website for the music store- it has a “translate” button so you can get it in English. It’s a great resource before ANY trip to Paris to find out what music will be there, but also what art exhibitions and other events are happening. You can buy tickets through it as well for any of the events and also tickets for any of the museums, etc. is the site for the shows at the Olympia and is the site for the Alhambra.


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  1. Another great place for music is the concerts at Ste. Chappelle. They are in the upper chapel, and seat perhaps 200 people. The music itself is quite good, but more importantly, you get time to sit (not stand) in the beautiful upper chapel and drink in the windows to your heart’s content, with no one blocking your view! (And if you sit toward the back, you can even turn around to look at the windows behind you without attracting too much attention.) Highly recommended in the afternoon/early evening, as light from the west is best for the windows.

    1. I totally agree- Sainte Chappelle is one of the most beautiful places and usually too crowded to really see everything so a concert is a great solution! Thanks, Barbara!

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