One of the Best Views of Paris that you didn’t know existed

One of my missions in Paris is to find incredible views of the city in unusual places. This last trip I visited somewhere I had never been before and what a pleasant surprise. The rooftop at the Galleries Lafayette store. Have you ever been there?

I’m sure many of you have been to the store itself, which is well worth a visit for the architecture, even if you don’t care about buying anything.

IMG_5144This building was built in 1912 on Boulevard Haussmann by Theophile BADER and his cousin, Alhonse KAHN, who opened a store at the corner of Rue LaFayette and Chausée D’Antin in 1895, and then purchased the building it was in, as well as those around it, to build this beautiful Art Nouveau structure.

Okay, so it’s a cool building and as a department store, it’s incredible as well, with an amazing variety of products and clothing. Just looking at the building itself and the variety of merchandise could fill several hours.

BUT… Don’t stop there. When you’ve had your fill of shopping, take the series of escalators up to the roof.

216 215 IMG_5148 My friend, Sarah, and I visited in February so it was a little grey and a little chilly, but judging by the furniture up there, this looks like a place that would be a great place to re-visit in warm weather. I don’t know if they serve food or drinks up there, but I think I need to go back and find out! It would be a very pleasant place to take a break from a busy day of touristing and/or shopping!

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