Puligny Montrachet- wine, anyone?

IMG_0353Hotel Le Montrachet is located in the tiny village of Puligny Montrachet in Burgundy. It’s about 8.5 miles from the small town of Beaune, “wine central” in my mind, in Burgundy. The house was built in the beginning of the 19th century. There are a total of 30 rooms, spread through a main building and an “annex” building next door, and a there is also a wonderful restaurant. I was there in the fall of 2011, doing some wine tasting with my husband and some friends, and we used it as our base of operations, doing day trips to vineyards around the area, including a wonderful tour at Louis Jadot. I wrote about that in a previous blog post so I won’t go into detail on Louis Jadot, but will say that I highly recommend the tour and their wine. See http://www.le-montrachet.com for more details on the hotel and www.louisjadot.com for the wine.

The reason that this hotel is back in my thoughts is that I am working on my second novel and this hotel will be in it! Let me start by saying this story is NOT a sequel to the first novel, though I’ve now had several requests for that, so that may have to be next. This story is about a college reunion, 25 years after graduation. It is a seven day trip, with five of those days in Paris and two days in Burgundy for a quick wine tasting. The group has twenty-five people so I have decided to have them stay at this hotel.

The story is centered around five women who are reconnecting. For various reasons, none of their husbands come on the trip and it’s a chance for these women to get to know each other again as well as reconnect with the various other members of the group. The way it’s shaping up, there are four of the men in the group, in particular, who are part of the story. Could there be some romance? We’ll see. Maybe some drama when personalities collide? Possibly….

I hope to get a rough first draft to my wonderful friend and editor, Nellie Sabin, by late spring so I’ll let you all know how things progress this next few months.

In the meantime, if you have ANY chance to try the white wine from Puligny Montrachet, it’s minerally and fresh, with a hint of citrus. It is DELICIOUS!


3 responses to “Puligny Montrachet- wine, anyone?”

  1. Sounds like another visit to this hotel is in order. For research purposes, of course. Yeah. Research. Perfect excuse.

    1. I’ve just written the chapters taking place there and I’m SURE I’m misrepresenting it in some way. I guess I’ll have to plan a trip soon….

  2. I am thrilled with this news, since I will be lucky enough to go to France with Marty in a few months.

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