As many of you may know, France regulates when stores are officially supposed to have sales. My understanding is that sales, or “soldes” as they are called there, occur two times a year, once in the summer and once in January/February. They last six weeks and prices are reduced more and more as the sale goes on.  I was in Paris in February and have attached pictures from a couple of the stores. It is a HUGE deal and different sections of Paris are apparently known for their “speciality” of types of stores so I’ve decided that next time I’m going to be there in the prime period,IMG_0952IMG_0992IMG_0993               I will do some research ahead of time!  Even without research I found a nice pair of Italian boots for 1/2 price! The “2ieme Demarque” in the first picture means it’s a second markdown. Didn’t you need a reason to go to Paris in February???

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  1. patricia mcmanis Avatar
    patricia mcmanis

    That is very, very nice, but when is the SUMMER sale?

    1. The website says it will start June 29th and run till July 30th this summer!!

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