The Kindle Version has arrived!

$4.99 takes it away!! For those of you who would rather read books electronically, the Kindle version has arrived!, where I self-published my book, offers to convert your book to Kindle format for $69. I don’t know anything about Kindle and how it’s formatted so it was well worth the money to have them do it for me. The one thing that I think does get hurt by the Kindle version, in the book, is the map. Since it’s on two pages, and Kindle only allows you to see one page at a time, you can only see 1/2 of the map at a time. Oh well. I don’t see any way to fix that?

I was also afraid that Kindle readers would not get the benefit of the beautiful color of the cover, but it looks like the cover IS in color, as long as you have a Kindle that is color as well.  The other interesting thing for a Kindle version is the need for Chapter links. I didn’t do a Table of Contents in the physical paperback because it’s not necessary, but of course, on Kindle, that’s one way to flip around in the story.  So, please give me feedback on the Kindle version if you buy it and ENJOY!cover

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