Wines from Bourgogne

We went with friends last September to Burgundy to do some wine tasting. We stayed in Puligny, one of many picturesque small towns in that area, and drove to Beaune to visit the Maison Louis Jadot winery. What a GREAT experience! Louis Jadot vineyards are a longstanding family-owned and family-run business. In the 1950’s, when the then heir was killed in a car accident, Andre Gagey became the assistant to Louis Auguste Jadot and he took over the leadership when Jadot died in 1962, though the family maintained ownership. His family had also been active in Bourgogne and winemaking. He hired Jacques Lardiere in 1970  and Lardiere is now in charge of all winemaking operations. To show you how personal and friendly a place it is, Lardiere was there and he came over to personally greet us and welcome us! We were given a wonderful tour in English by a young man named Pierrick, and tried wines still in the barrels from 2010 and also wine in bottles. It was immediately obvious that 2010 was a good year for Burgundy wines, because they all tasted great, even though they were still in the barrels and very young. When we were in Paris this fall, I tried to buy some of the 2010 vintage. It turns out that there is an event every November for wine sellers to give them an opportunity to taste the wines and my understanding is that is where they can decide what to order for their stores. Anyone who knows more about this event, please chime in and fill us all in! What it meant, unfortunately, for me, was that the 2010 bottles were not in the stores yet in October, so I’ll have to wait for my next trip to buy some, but I recommend VERY highly Maison Louis Jadot wines in general, and 2010 as a year for Burgundy wines.

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